Horse Riding Inspirational Stories by Us


Recently, there’s been a few incidents here and there when me and my family were horse riding. Now what would that be? 🤔 Falling off the horse. Yeah, sounds scary doesn’t it? But most of us had been through it a few times already.

First it was my little sister. She fell off the horse sideways and hurt her arm. It wasn’t serious, it’s just that she landed on her arm. She continued to ride after two weeks.

Denai Alam Recreation and Riding ClubNext, it was my father. Including last week, he fell off his horse 3 times! But that didn’t stop him from continuing horse riding. The first time he fell off the horse, he hurt his back and got slightly traumatised. The second time wasn’t that serious as he only slid off the horse. Trust me, aside from falling off the horse, my dad’s horses had tried to throw him off while he was riding but he successfully avoided it by taking control of the horse and grabbing the neck of the horse. Now, just last week his horse jerked him, resulting in a fall and a kick on my father’s stomach. Yup, there was a kick. His nose and mouth were slightly bleeding as a result of hitting himself on the saddle as he fell down. He also had a mark of the horse’s shoe on the left side of his stomach. But rest assured that he’s alright and is itching to get back on the horse next week. He told me

The first fall made me slightly traumatized but I went back to horse ride didn’t I? Another fall won’t stop me either. I’ll continue my horse riding soon.


img_2112Well, moving on, the next person is me. It was indeed for me quite terrifying and hectic. As I could sense that something’s going to go wrong and I hope it won’t happen but it did. My horse went out of control as it raised it’s bum like 3 times and this made me fall in front every time but at the same time still being able to stay on the horse. My instructor said it was as if I was riding a rodeo.

During the second jerk I remembered my dad telling me to grab the horse’s neck to avoid falling and I know I had to do it fast. When it was the third jerk I was no longer sitting on the saddle and landed on the horse’s neck. That’s when I immediately grabbed it’s neck and the horse stopped. Thankfully I was okay, I just had pains on my legs because of the jumps. It would be terrible if I flew off the horse as there’s steel pillars near the place that I was riding. My father and little sister saw everything, including the people who were near the place where I was riding. But that didn’t stop me from riding either. I went back up on my saddle  after the incident and came back after 2 weeks.

img_2047Lastly, the one who’s on the list is my mother. She fell off twice now including last week. The first fall was the day after I almost fell 😂. And last week she fell off while trotting as the horse’s head went down and his bum went up. My mum fell sideways and hurt her bum and thighs as she landed on them. Today, she’s riding with me. It’s her first ride after the fall.

All in all, everything that we do has it’s own risk. In this matter, is how unpredictable the horse is and how capable are we in having control over our horses especially in risky situations. Even when the unpredictable happens, don’t ever fear it. It will only eat you up. Rise up and get back on track. I was afraid when I first started horse riding and I’m not going to let a fall crush the confidence that I have built just like that. So, let these stories be an inspiration to you to strive for the better.

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