Beautiful Piano Song Covers by Costantino Carrara

Recently, while I was searching for acapella song covers on YouTube, I’ve found this pianist, Constantino Carrara who does piano song covers. It definitely melted my heart when I listened to his musical pieces. It was breathtaking and felt like a beautiful breeze passing by. I’ve always adored musical pieces from pianos 🎹, violins 🎻 and saxophones 🎷. I always love hearing these instruments’ beautiful melodies. Before this, I loved hearing Henry (a Korean singer) playing the violin and piano, I get to see a different side of him too. When I was in High School, there was a friend of mine who played the saxophone and he was quite talented as he also played the guitar. Overall, I loved all of their work.

Now, I’m going to share with you some of the piano song covers that I love from Constantino. Enjoy 😊

See more of Constantino Carrara Covers

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