Horse Riding Inspirational Stories by Us


Recently, there’s been a few incidents here and there when me and my family were horse riding. Now what would that be? 🤔 Falling off the horse. Yeah, sounds scary doesn’t it? But most of us had been through it a few times already.

First it was my little sister. She fell off the horse sideways and hurt her arm. It wasn’t serious, it’s just that she landed on her arm. She continued to ride after two weeks.

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Beautiful Piano Song Covers by Costantino Carrara

Recently, while I was searching for acapella song covers on YouTube, I’ve found this pianist, Constantino Carrara who does piano song covers. It definitely melted my heart when I listened to his musical pieces. It was breathtaking and felt like a beautiful breeze passing by. I’ve always adored musical pieces from pianos 🎹, violins 🎻 and saxophones 🎷. I always love hearing these instruments’ beautiful melodies. Before this, I loved hearing Henry (a Korean singer) playing the violin and piano, I get to see a different side of him too. When I was in High School, there was a friend of mine who played the saxophone and he was quite talented as he also played the guitar. Overall, I loved all of their work.

Now, I’m going to share with you some of the piano song covers that I love from Constantino. Enjoy 😊

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2016 A.S.H.R. Award Ceremony | Section 9, Shah Alam

Today I attended the Section 9 Shah Alam Kumon Study Centre‘s 2016 A.S.H.R. Award Ceremony. It’s been a while since I attended one.

It’s an award ceremony where the students are awarded for their achievement in their advanced level of studies in KUMON.

Section 9 Shah Alam Kumon Study Centre's 2016 A.S.H.R. Award Ceremony.

Opening Speech by Aunty Ann, KUMON Section 9, Shah Alam Instructor

Today my lil sis is awarded with two medals! For both Maths and English. She’s an advanced student who is 6 months ahead from the standard school level. Aside from that, my brother, Danish was honoured at the ceremony as he is a “KUMON English Programme Completer” now just like I am. We were so honoured to be the guest of honour today 😄 – Mama’s the VIP Continue reading

Who’s WND?

Hi there! Were you wondering who’s WND? Well its short for Wan Nurdayana, my name that is. Welcome to my personal blog!

There’s nothing much to say really. I just want to tell you that this blog is where I post my thoughts and opinions, some How To’s, recipes, food, maybe a bit about my travels and some ransom stuff that I did.

So tune in if you want to know more!

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